Sunday, September 11, 2011

With the unique 'infinite pinch' function you can resize the image at any size or scale with no limitations.

Any rotation can be achieved!

There is also a 4-way mirror tool to get the image exactly how you want it.

Once your happy with the image simply press the LOCK function to freeze your screen

Next You can minimize your menu panel by pressing the arrow key and your ready to draw!!

simply lay your tracing paper over the screen and draw away,I like to use a soft grey lead pencil or felt tip pen and also recomend 50 to 65gsm paper

And there you have it,you can now transfer it to carbon paper for a tattoo stencil or even trace your image onto an acetate sheet for overhead project

When your ready to load another image simply choose the photo album function to view your folder's

Select an image and your ready to rock!

There you have it, all your reference stored on your iPad,some tracing paper and a pencil and your ready to create! no light box,computer,printer...